Janet's father was raised up in a strict family. That's why he thinks that naughty kids deserve corporal punishment on a daily basis 'cause it's supposed to remind them of having always to be obedient to their parents. All Janet's girlfriends behave like sassy dolls and surely don't give a shit about what their parents think. Instead, the chicks secretly steal money from them and spend it to have fun with boys at movie theaters or on the beach. But Janet is stripped of all of it since her father comes every night to her room with a belt. The girl knows she is going to get spanked and it makes her good. Unlike her girlfriends, Janet never steals from her parent and always abides by whatever he says.

This little girl who is a brat and often runs away with boys from her home is called Janet. So her father who occupies a very responsible position in a private firm and has earned respect of his boss and coworkers is getting used to calling police on disappearance of his only daughter. Because of his daughter, this respectable man frequently has to put off his job and pay visits to police to ask them to look for her. One day, after police found Janet in another city, her father decided to put an end to this mess. So, when they were left alone, he told Janet to take off her skirt and panties. Then he got a belt and gave his little bitch a good spanking until her small tight butts turned bright red. But father's lesson to Janet wasn't done yet so he told her to kneel and stay so until midnight.

Janet is a senior high school student. Her father brings her up alone. But he has a very important job so he can't spend too much time to teach her good behavior. Janet used to spend most of her time home alone. But this hussy decided that she could let herself invite her classmates into her home and throw parties for them while her father is out at work. Once her father came back from work earlier than usual and found lots of young boys and girls who drank beer and listened to loud music into his house. It was just Janet having another party. Her father became so upset that he turned off the music and told her classmates to get out of his house. Then he took Janet to her room and kept on spanking his saucy girl until her small nice butts turned crimson red.


Janet studied very bad at school and, after she got back home, she talked all the time to her girlfriends over the phone while watching TV. That's why her father decided to teach his little girl a lesson. One day, when Janet started watching TV after coming back from school, her father entered her room. He told her to get naked and then come to their kitchen. When completely nude Janet went in there, her father was sitting down and drinking tea. He looked at her very harshly. Her brat girl didn't even have a clue on what was going to happen. Then her father finished off his tea, took a belt and gave her a good spanking. Now Janet has very good behavior at school and always does her homework in time.

Janet's father raises his daughter alone. He makes every effort and spends much time for her to be a decent little girl. Girls grow up somewhat faster than boys. The former start having pubes and their breasts become much larger and not so firm with large nipples. These little bitches begin to be interested in boys early so it's natural that they stop listening to their parents and start hanging out with guys who often screw them on a backseat of a car or in a half-empty movie theater. But Janet's father keeps strict watch on his daughter so every night he takes off her panties and carefully checks up on her pubis, as well as lifts her T-shirt to touch her breasts. Her father will notice when his daughter starts to mature so he will keep even stricter watch on her.

Janet behaved very bad at home so she didn't wash her dishes and didn't clean her room. When the father asked her to do something in their house, she yelled at him. His saucy girl always shouted that she didn't have to do housework. All she wanted to do was to have fun only. Janet drove his father crazy with her screams and bad behavior. Once, while she was sleeping, her father quietly came to her bed. He took out a gag prepared before and put it into her mouth. Then he beat his daughter with his belt. By now the naughty girl has changed a lot 'cause she understood it is her father who she should obey in their house.


Janet often hung out with her girlfriends at nightclubs. Stinking of alcohol, sometimes she came back in the early morning. The saucy girl didn't talk to her father about those things so she was only rude to him when he said she should stay home at night. Once Janet came home at five o'clock in the morning, one guy giving her a ride. After that the father decided to put an end to these night walks. So he stripped her naked, brought her to her knees in front of himself and began to check up on her pussy and butthole. Finally, he made sure that Janet hadn't have sex yet and gave the little bitch a good spanking with his belt. Since then Janet has abided by whatever her father says and hasn't been rude to him any longer.

During the summer vacation, Janet visited her girlfriend Nicole who lives in another city. She didn't call her father for a whole month because she had lots of fun there. So the father decided to call his daughter by himself. After he had done that, Nicole's mother picked up the phone. She told him that these two little bitches behaved awfully disgusting and didn't pay attention to whatever she said. The girls hung out with guys from a local university. . The guys gave them rides around the city far into the night, it being absolutely not possible to find out what they did throughout such rides. When Janet came home from the vacation, her father told her to go to his room and asked her about the activity she had engaged in at Nicole's place. But this little saucy girl didn't want to tell him anything. No wonder that her father became so upset that he ordered his daughter to take off her skirt and panties. Then he spanked her well with his belt.

Recently Janet had turned 15. The girl grew up a lot. Perhaps having decided that she became an adult, the saucy girl began to smoke and to swear like a sailor. Janet didn't pay any attention to all of her father's requests to behave decently. At school she hung out with guys older than herself so they often smoked cigarettes and drank beer together after classes. He In the long run, her father decided to let this bitch know who she should obey in their house and that he wouldn't tolerate bad behavior of his daughter. He decided to show this hussy that she was just the same little girl as she had ever been. Having stripped her naked, he put Janet on his lap and spanked her butts well. He used to spank her the same way when was just a little baby. After this corporal punishment the girl have become more polite in relation to her father.


All mischievous girls don't obey their fathers. Janet goes to school and thinks that she can do whatever she wants to do. Janet, together with her girlfriends and guys, goes to play bowling. Those guys who are older than girls buy them beer and treat them with cigarettes. Often Janet invites her girlfriends into her house and they watch TV together. All the housework this saucy girl has to do lies on her father's shoulders. But her father has decided to show the girl how she should behave. When Janet, accompanied by her girlfriends, came home very late one night, her father ordered her to get them out. Then he put his daughter by force on the table and, after taking off her jeans, spanked her well with his belt. Since then Janet does all the housework and doesn't go with her friends to play bowling.

The girl who is sleeping is called Janet. Her father Michael raises her alone. The mother of this saucy girl left them for another man some time ago. The daughter doesn't obey her father and behaves like her mother. She has got in with adult guys who ride their cars and hang out at clubs. Instead of sleeping, Janet, along with these guys, drives around the city at night. The father barely sees his daughter home. But one morning, when Janet came home from a regular party, Michael decided to put an end to such insolent behavior. So he came to her room, while his daughter who got tired of her night adventures was sleeping very heavily. When her father abruptly removed a blanket from her, Janet didn't have a clue on what was going to take place. But Michael was adamant about his decision so he lifted her nightgown, lowered her panties, took his belt and spanked well this brat girl. Since then Janet strictly obeys her father.

Janet with his strict father lives in a small town. People of this town try to stick to old values so they don't like lewd behavior and violence that have overwhelmed big cities. The town people try to live a quiet, steady life. Janet's father brings up his daughter following classical traditions so he wouldn't tolerate insolent behavior or any rough stuff. In big cities children have rude behavior and don't obey their parents. But not in this town! Like all town people that have children, Janet's father spanks his daughter with a belt every night. In return, all the children of this town behave diligently and respect their parents.


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